Meet the Omega Controls team.

Chances are we are out building something really awesome and having a ridiculous amount of fun doing it!

Kyle Hamilton


Kyle Hamilton co-founded Omega Controls, Inc in 2009, since then the company has grown to employ 6 engineers and 7 total employees. Kyle has worked as a system integrator his entire professional career with specific expertise in Allen Bradley PLC controls, HMI’s, drives and complex servo systems.

Yvonne Hamilton

Operations Manager

Basically everything that Kyle says he is working on. It is actually Yvonne making it happen. While she is raising a handful of kids and being a Professional Civil Engineer on the side.

Kris Hamilton

The Little Brother

Kris Hamilton has been a project engineer for Omega Controls, Inc since May 2010. During his employment with Omega Controls, Inc, Kris has gained extensive experience in Allen Bradley PLC controls, HMI’s, Variable Frequency Drives, and servo control systems, as well as experience in a variety of programmable controllers and HMI’s. He also has high proficiency in the use of Wonderware SCADA systems for machine control and data collection.

Will Rupp

Intern 4 Life

William Rupp joined Omega Controls in 2010 where he served as an intern for our engineering department. Will has grown from working in our panel shop to being a key member of our engineering team. He moved to a full a time position in 2016. He has extensive experience with Inductive Automation Ignition programs, MS SQL, and Allen Bradley PLC's. He is a troubleshooting master!

Liam How

Tech Nerd

Liam How joined Omega Controls in 2017 where he serves as a Project Engineer. Currently, his responsibilities are the development of project specific software, database development, business metrics and dashboard reporting. Liam’s specific expertise has been in the development of Inductive Automation – Ignition, with experience in HMI, SCADA and database programming (SQL, Python, Java, VBA, C).

Kart Griffin

Panel Shop Supervisor and Cloud Advocate

Kart has been an intern with our team since 2016. He is a whiz at panel buidling, minus agility with an angle grinder. He is also well versed at AutoCAD and does most of the print drafting in our office.

Josh Bender

Laser Magnus

Josh has been an intern with us since 2019. He takes care of all of our laser engraving projects and works in the panel shop with Kart. He is set to graduate from UA Fort Smith as a Mechanical Engineer in 2020.